9 February 2022 | Innovation | Our Work

Innovator Insights: Scott Hatcher, Coeval

Scott Hatcher, Business Improvement Manager at Coeval, reflects on his first year spent in the sector and overcoming the challenge of working through the pandemic to drive forward new ideas. 


Q. What work experience did you have before moving into highways?

A. “I started off as a personal trainer in a gym and moved into recruitment, from recruitment I then had my first sales job at PPG, a paint manufacturer selling into contractors. I then moved to Vent axia selling ventilation into social housing.”


Q. What has been your career highlight up to now?

A. “Having the opportunity to move into a new sector, one that I never realised impacts everyone everyday has been one of my main career highlights up until now.”


Q. What is the main way that today’s highways sector differs from the one you first joined?

A. “This one’s difficult as I have only been in the sector a year, the only thing that has changed is not being able to see people to starting to see people (or to not)! I suppose the stand out for me is the focus on clean air this year as it has massively increased and pushed alongside an increase in data information.”


Q. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

A. “Working through Covid and trying to improve my status within the industry without being able to get out and about and attend conferences etc.”


Q. What do you think LCRIG Insight readers would be surprised to learn about you?

A. “I play football at a semi professional standard.”


Q. What do you think is the key to accelerating innovation within the roads sector?

A. “Communication and genuinely being more open to new ideas and at least trialling them, without this nothing will happen.”


Q. How different will the sector look in 10 years time?

A. “The sector will have significantly changed with the sustainability targets and move to more digitalisation, hopefully this will encourage an influx of graduates and the younger generation pushing through innovation which will mean a major change.”


Q. What is the best way of removing barriers to innovation?

A. “To see the bigger picture and understand without innovation and change we will stagnate and never move forward. We need to understand that progress requires change and new ideas. A lot of long-term contracts, and of course budgets, don’t enable this to happen and that’s a huge barrier.”


Below is an update on other innovation initiatives that the LCRIG team have been busy working on over the last few months:

Innovation in Highways

In November 2021, LCRIG published a report entitled ‘Innovation in highways’. The report highlights some interesting findings on the differing approaches between local authorities and the challenges around implementing innovation in highways.

You can access the full report here.


The LCRIG / Steve Berry ‘Think Exceptional’ Innovation fund, supported by WJ Group

Last year the first companies to receive funding as part of the LCRIG / Steve Berry Think Exceptional Innovation Fund were announced.

Connor Specialist Paving (Tac-Grid), Community Models, Fitzpatrick Advisory (DASHA), NY Highways and Liverpool John Moores University have been selected to receive a share of the £150,000 Innovation fund, facilitated by LCRIG. For more information on the Innovation fund, please click here.


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