23 October 2023 | Collaboration

IHE announces £10 discount for all fee-paying members for 2024

The Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) has announced a £10 discount for all fee-paying members for 2024, following a year-on-year increase in revenue. The decision was agreed by the IHE’s full Council this week.

It comes on the back of a freeze of fees last year in the wake of the cost of living crisis, which saw inflation reach around 11%. It has subsequently fallen, but it still remains at roughly 6%.

Having secured a boost to income over the last 12 months through an increase in total membership and an expanded training offer, the IHE leadership has dug deep to give wider support to members.

Chief executive Steve Spender told Highways: ‘The IHE is really pleased to be able to support our members in the difficult times we all face financially. This is once again a demonstration of the Institute responding to members’ needs.

‘The £10 will be shown as a discount for all fee-paying members. So no matter what you are paying, we will declare it as a one-off discount on your fee.’

The news also comes after the IHE secured a string of professional development partnerships, including with the Local Government Technical Advisers Group and ITS UK, as well as academic partnerships with universities including London South Bank.

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