29 April 2022 | Innovation | Collaboration | Net Zero | BY: Connor Specialist Paving Ltd

Highways Dashboard® By Connor Specialist Paving Ltd now live

Connor Specialist Paving (CSP) are delighted to announce that after lots of hard work by the team and consultation with industry experts, their Highways Dashboard® became live and fully operational on the 18th April 2022!

In November 2021 CSP Ltd were proud to be awarded a grant from the Steve Berry Think Exceptional Fund through LCRIG. This award enabled CSP to commission Live Beacon to build the revolutionary innovative software for the Highways Dashboard®. Prior to this award being given, the team at CSP Ltd have been installing beacons within our Tac-Grid® tactile system for a number of local authorities.

Coventry City Council currently have over 300 beacons installed in crossings around the city, and after each beacon was placed Live Beacon were then informed the location and the message to relay to app users. The process worked well but the local authority did not have control over the beacon or the option to view the battery life, the total usage or the ability to change the message if required.

To resolve the issues this is where the Highways Dashboard® comes in! The Highways Dashboard® provides local authorities with a log in so they will have control over their fleet of installed beacons and will be able to see the location pinpointed on a map, view the usage of the beacon and crossing by Live Beacon app users (app is free to download on google store or in the app store) and importantly Highways Dashboard® allows users to change the message relayed if required this includes wayfinding, directions to points of interest, warnings, changes to traffic regulations or advertisements. With the Highways Dashboard® the user is in control and can input any message required.

Innovative beacon technology is designed primarily for the visually impaired pedestrian to keep them safe and informed when out and about.

Please download the free Live Beacon app to make use of this revolutionary technology. The beacons inform app users of their location, type of crossing or points of interest.

Please get in touch for further information.

We are happy to give demonstrations and can offer trials. Discounted rates for LCRIG members.