10 July 2020 | BY: Highway Care

Highway Care announce strategic board changes

With the recent growth and exciting news regarding our new partnerships Highway Care are pleased to announce two significant board appointments.

Firstly, Ben Duncker will become our new Business Development Director, from 3rd August. Ben will focus on bringing new innovations to market, whilst also focusing on strategic growth in our International and Security sectors. Ben will be focusing on furthering the success of our Automated Cone Laying Machine and Swift-Gate Automated

Taper innovations, the Road Zipper Moveable Barrier, and Instaboom incursion gates, which has also seen Ben appointed to the Board of Solar Gates UK. In addition he will also focus on the expansion of our latest innovative steel barrier, HighwayGuard®, launching this product into North America and Australasia.

Our second announcement is that Miles Boyd will join the company as Commercial Director focusing on our UK Highways business, also from 3rd August. We are extremely pleased to welcome Miles to Highway Care, who brings with him 18 years of industry experience, including 8 years from Hill and Smith, where he developed extensive knowledge of highway safety products, global standards and working relationships with many of our key customers, and strategic partners.

This increased focus on our UK Highways business is extremely timely and important as it coincides with both early signs of recovery in the UK highways industry following the Coronavirus lockdown and with the expansion of our range of products, services and partnerships.

Highway Care are focused on growth and delivering our mission to be A Global Leader in Highway and Physical Security Solutions.

Information on Innovation Products;

  • HighwayGuard Barrier, our latest innovative MASH TL4 barrier, designed and developed with 20 years industry feedback and knowledge from our first product,BG800®. It has been successfully tested and approved for countries adopting the new higher MASH containment standards. The barrier features innovative connections and a slim nested profile, dramatically improving shipping,installation and removal efficiencies providing our customers with long term savings over conventional steel and concrete barriers.
  • Automated Cone Laying Machine, supported by the Highways England Innovation Fund, this project aims to dramatically improve road worker safety,both in terms of reducing manual handling and repetitive strain injuries as well as reducing accident related deaths and injuries. We hope to have the product approved and commercially available for 2021 following a final round of trialling and refinement through the summer.
  • Swiftgate, automated taper solution being championed by Highway Care and Kier through the Highways England Innovation Fund as a safer and faster alternative to laying cones on stretches of road where there are regular closures.
  • Road Zipper, building on the news that this product has been selected as the solution for managing Operation Stack on the M20 in Kent we hope to build further traction in the UK for the use of this system as a means of managing tidal flow traffic and contra-flow where longer term requirements exist.
  • Instaboom, following our investment in Solar Gates UK, to further develop and expand the market for their highway products, particularly for the innovative,award-winning Instaboom, the UK’s market leading workzone access control gate with integrated over-height detection.

About Highway Care:

Highway Care are a leading, highway and security turnkey solutions provider, established in 1974. As pioneers in safety and security solutions, we exist to bring products to the highways market to make roads safer for motorists and working environments safer for road crews. Highway Care have introduced many mainstay highway safety products to the UK market including, lorry mounted crash cushions in 1990, traffic mounted attenuators in 1994 and the P4 terminal, safety barrier crash cushions and QMB in 2004. In the early 2000s Highway Care developed and brought to market the BG800® portable steel barrier.

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