Fast, Efficient, Consistent Sanitisation

As businesses, schools and facilities reopen, it is vital to keep the infection rate of COVID-19 at a minimum.  This means regular cleaning and sanitisation of any surfaces and touchpoints in workplaces.  We’re here to make this additional work as quick, effective and easy as possible.

The SaniSpray HP range is the fastest sanitisation method available, with consistent application and complete surface coverage meeting dwell time requirements for effectively killing bacteria!


Spray Bottles & Pump Sprayers

  • Inconsistent coverage
  • Slow manual process
  • Additional application needed to meet dwell time requirements

Electrostatic & Fog Sprayers

  • Doesn’t completely cover surface
  • May require wiping to be effective
  • May dry too quickly than required for dwell time requirements

SaniSpray HP

  • Consistent application coverage
  • Fastest application method
  • Complete surface coverage meets chemical dwell time requirements


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SaniCote W930 is our recommended sanitising solution to use for spray sanitisation with the SaniSpray HP machines.  This water based sanitising agent reduces levels of bacteria to decrease the risk of infection, has a very low odour due to the water based formulation and dries in as little as 5 minutes leaving a safe, sanitised surface.