Covid-19 Travel Survey

Changes to amount of travel, and the modes used, by people across England since the Coronavirus crisis hit are being detailed in a new report from the Transport Technology Forum.

The weekly report provides an ongoing snapshot of travel, summarising weekly, daily and hourly changes based on information shared by 26 local authorities and traffic data providers, geographically covering approximately 35 local authority areas.  This provides a quick overview of how public behaviour is changing as a result of restrictions being eased, whether travel habits are returning to normal or what new patterns are being experienced.

The TTF believes Local Authorities can benefit by being able to compare what is happening in their areas with the national picture as a whole, allowing them to spot any differences compared to the rest of the country

The data is gathered using urban traffic control and automated traffic counter data from the roadside, as well as information on cycling and car parks.  Industry has also supplied video analytics, floating vehicle data and Wi-Fi patterns.

Thanks to those who have completed our online survey looking at the impacts on travel patterns of Covid-19

There is still some time left to contribute, so if you haven’t already done so then can you please take out 10 minutes to give us your thoughts and inputs to this valuable research.

Please use this link to access the survey here:

All details are completely anonymous and the high-level results will be freely shared to help society better understand the impacts during these unprecedented times.


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