Covid-19 Road and Street Works Bulletin 009: Introduction of Street Manager and new legislation 1 July 2020

Dear HAUC England Colleagues,

You will recollect that we wrote to you in January 2020 concerning the plans to introduce new or revised Permit Schemes and Street Manager (SM) and to remind all practitioners of the need to continue to work together, collaborate and communicate during their deployment.

Since then, we have been dealing with the challenges brought by the Covid19 pandemic. It is reassuring to see that the long established, sound working relationships have held firm and indeed, in many cases, flourished for all of our mutual benefit.

As you are aware, SM was originally planned to start on 1 April but was postponed until 1 July because of the Covid-19 situation. Ministers have recently confirmed that it will now start on 1 July and there will be no further delays. As we move into the next phase of our response to Covid-19 and slowly and steadily restart activities, we urge everyone to continue keeping the established lines of communication open and all parties informed where difficulties arise. We know that the last few months have had a significant impact on everyone in our industry in terms of administration, on-site and field activities, supervision, management etc. We have adapted and found new ways of working and need to continue supporting each other in the positive ways seen in recent weeks.

It is important to ensure that open constructive communication continues, enabling the various initiatives to work. We strongly recommend, similarly to our previous note, that from July until the end of October 2020, FPNs for administration matters, some of which are new such as the requirement to submit start and stop notices as required by the 2009 Charging Regulations1 within 2 hours during the working day, are used appropriately and only where there is clear disregard for trying to work within the new rules and systems. It is however expected that, as time progresses, compliance will improve.

Good communication is essential to make things work better and, at this time in particular, it is important that our hard pressed teams’ efforts can be spent on getting it right for the industry as a whole for the long term.
The Department of Transport, JAG (UK), and Street Works UK fully support this approach and ask that all practitioners work constructively, and that no party should seek to exploit or take advantage as the industry makes this modal shift in managing and administering street and road works.

Best Regards
Peter Loft and David Latham
Joint Chairs HAUC England
Agreed by all parties including the DfT, HAUC UK, JAG, Street Works UK & DCMS

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