Covid-19 Road and Street Works Bulletin 005.1: Training & Accreditation

Dear Colleagues,

We are aware of the increasing difficulties street works operatives and supervisors are experiencing in renewing street works cards owing to Covid-19 related closures of assessment centres and other parts of the street works accreditation system.

The Streetworks Qualifications Register (SWQR) has communicated to centres and Awarding Organisations as follows

“SWQR will provide an exemption over the next 6 months to card holders where their card has expired between Tuesday 17 March 2020 and Thursday 17 September 2020. This is not a blanket 6 month “extension” for all cards.

Candidates in England and Scotland will have the opportunity to re-assess up to 5 years after their card expiry date. Any candidates where their card has recently expired e.g. the candidate’s card expired in February 2020 and they were unable to re-assess due to the lockdown. The candidate in this instance, if challenged by the Local Authority, would be looked on favourably by the Local Authority. From a SWQR perspective, the candidate simply has to re-assess when the centres re-open, as they are still within the 5 year window, and SWQR will renew their card.

Please note that currently we will be unable to consider any card renewal delays for expired cards after Thursday 17 September 2020.”

Essentially, this will only have an impact on those candidates who were certificated 10 years ago and been unable to undertake a re-assessment due to centre and/or Awarding Organisation closures.”

In essence any person whose card has expired since 17th March or is due to expire before 17th September should notify SWQR and arrange to undertake the relevant assessment at the earliest opportunity

However, it is essential that street works do not stop entirely, and some cards will lapse through no fault of the holders. We are therefore writing regarding card enforcement policy to ask that street authorities bear this in mind for the next 5 months or so.

Please remember that competent staff are essential to safe sites and this advice does not mean that the requirements for qualified staff on sites has been waived. They should still be able to evidence their card even if it has expired within the terms of this advice.

Best Regards
Peter Loft and David Latham
Joint Chairs HAUC England
Agreed by all parties including the DfT, HAUC UK, JAG, Street Works UK, RAUC
Scotland & DCMS