Covid-19 Road and Street Works Bulletin 004: Sections 81s

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, further discussions between DfT, HAUC England, JAG(UK) and SWUK have taken place in response to a question relating to how defective apparatus (S81s) are handled during the Covid-19 pandemic. Set out below is advice on Section 81 defective apparatus.

The principles and priorities set out in Bulletin 002: Defects last week remain appropriate and should be applied to Section 81. For convenience, these are described below;

All S81s assessed as “Causing Danger” – business as usual as per Co-ordination CoP where possible (please note in some cases, normal landlines used for the logged phone call will not be working), therefore log on EToN or Street Manager as normal ensuring photographic evidence of the apparatus is attached or e-mailed and use existing Utility/HA contact lists as appropriate (this can then be discussed over the phone. Please note that in order to minimise unnecessary travel it will be important to ensure the asset owner is correctly identified before contact is made. If it is not possible to identify the asset owner, then appropriate steps should be made to reduce the danger to the public.

ALL S81s assessed as “Non-Dangerous” – serve on EToN or Street Manager as normal BUT stating that “NO JSM is needed, rectifications may be considered prudent by the apparatus owners due to its location and therefore carried out to minimise future disruption once the restrictions are lifted. No further inspections to be carried out until this time”. Again, it is important to ensure the correct asset owner is contacted.

We should also consider that the correct materials, or apparatus covers may not be readily available at this time, and an interim replacement may be needed to ensure safety and replaced when circumstances allow.

Utilities should acknowledge and provide feedback upon agreeing the S81 and monitor its condition and, if deterioration occurs, contact the HA to advise of any essential remedial works applying for the necessary permit as appropriate.

It is essential that the highway asset continues to be safe for the public to use.

Best Regards
Peter Loft and David Latham
Joint Chairs HAUC England
Agreed by all parties including the DfT, HAUC UK, JAG, Street Works UK and DCMS

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