14th October 2020

County Council approves £21.5m to improve Warwickshire roads

Warwickshire County Council has approved the Cabinet decision to invest nearly £21.5m of its Capital Investment Fund (CIF) to deliver a transformation of Nuneaton’s transport infrastructure. 

The funding, part of the wider Transforming Nuneaton project, will come from the county council’s CIF and will be used to make improvements to major junctions on the ring road, alleviating congestion and improving facilities for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians. 

The improvements to Nuneaton’s roads will not only make the town more attractive for residents and visitors, but also to potential developers and businesses. They form part of a larger programme of transport improvements which aim to: 

  • Support schemes which will regenerate and repurpose the town centre environment to meet today’s need 
  • Attract economic investment into Nuneaton Town Centre, thus maximising the rate of employment, business growth and skill levels in Warwickshire 
  • Improve access and connectivity to, and within, the town centre by all modes, focusing on delivering sustainable transport infrastructure 
  • Accommodate for increased transport demand through Local Plan growth and the implementation of the Transforming Nuneaton masterplan 
  • To support Warwickshire County Council’s Climate Change Emergency declaration 
  • To deliver improvements which encourage low-carbon, sustainable modes. 

Among the key projects now approved are: 

A444/Corporation Street / Powell Way 
A444/Queens Road 
A444/Wheat Street
A444/Leicester Road/Back Street/Bond Street/Regent Street

Cllr Jeff Clarke, portfolio holder for transport and planning at Warwickshire County Council, said: “Transforming Nuneaton is about creating a vibrant town centre for residents and visitors. But it’s also about creating a town that is an attractive investment opportunity for prospective businesses which will greatly stimulate the local economy and create employment. The transport infrastructure is absolutely critical to that. This is a real statement of intent that we are committed to improving the town centre and sends that message out to any potential investors. 

“But while we are boosting the economy, the schemes also demonstrate our commitment to tackling climate change, reducing congestion and improving air quality as active and sustainable travel are at the heart of all of these schemes. Residents will see real benefits from the planned works to their journeys to, and around, the town.” 

Cllr Julie Jackson, leader of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, added: “Improving access to our town centre, and reducing traffic congestion, are key elements of our Transforming Nuneaton proposals. It is good to see this programme of investment coming forward from Warwickshire County Council at this important time for our town and our borough. These are changes to our town centre roads system that will have a significant impact on the appearance and experience of the town centre and its ring road.” 

Transforming Nuneaton is a partnership between Warwickshire County Council, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council and the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership.