16 November 2023 | Innovation

Core Highways Group invests £1m in portable traffic signal boost

Core Highways Group has placed orders in excess of £1m of the latest portable traffic lights.

A leading nationwide provider of traffic management and associated highways services, Core Highways Group has enjoyed a partnership with mobile ITS provider SRL Traffic Systems (SRL) for more than 20 years. The latest deal of 237 portable traffic lights units helps to facilitate the group’s continued growth and signals a renewed commitment to service.

Consisting of Amberon, Forest Traffic Services, MLP Traffic, and JTM Signs and Barrier Services, respectively, Core Highways Group echoes the same nationwide network coverage as SRL, with the resources, expertise, and skills to undertake a wide range of projects across high-speed and low-speed applications.

Amberon Managing Director, Terry Musson, explained, “we’re investing in industry leading technology that helps us to deliver reliable solutions to our customers. SRL’s Compact signals help facilitate reactive works, and ensure we work compliantly and safely. We’ve got an outstanding team and now we’ve got the products to match.”

Meanwhile, Forest Traffic Services Managing Director, Simon White observed, “having worked with SRL for several years, there are no surprises. We know their products inside-out and they’re incredibly easy for our team to use. They’re robust and built to last. What’s more, it’s always a pleasure to deal with the SRL team. We always feel supported.”

As a forward-thinking traffic management company, Core Highways Group are committed to finding new ways to work more efficiently, safely, and sustainably. As part of their renewed partnership with SRL, the team are trialling SRL Solar PLUS®, a rugged, retrofitted system which can be added to all standard SRL traffic signals, as well as CCTV, portable UTMC and portable VMS, to reduce battery exchange frequency.

Core Highways Group CEO, Lizi Stewart, reflected, “SRL Solar PLUS® addresses some of the key challenges we face as an industry. Using renewable energy sources to help reduce roadside risk and improve operational efficiency is a revolutionary approach which we’re excited to explore.”

Lizi continued, “Core Highways Group is an industry leader; we simply don’t believe in standing still. We embrace change to find new ways to deliver our clients’ projects safely and efficiently. We’re delighted to collaborate with SRL to understand how their products can help transform the way we work.”

Manufactured at SRL’s head office in Cheshire, SRL’s traffic signal portfolio consists of the established Eurolight, Radiolight and Compact portable lights, and more recent innovations Multiphase ADS (Adaptive Detection System) and SRL Solar PLUS®.

SRL’s Manufacturing Managing Director, Peter Almond, added, “As a result of our continued partnership, we have a strong understanding of Core Highway Group’s strategic objectives. SRL’s extended warranty, 100% stockholding and readiness of spare parts, were a huge draw for Amberon and Forest Traffic Services. With both aftersales support and a top-up hire service, we stand proud with traffic management customers, and look forward to supporting them over the months and years to come.”

(Image – SRL)