26 May 2022 | Collaboration

Chris Boardman talks active travel on this week’s Highways Voices

Chris Boardman MBE, Interim Commissioner at Active Travel England, is the main voice on this week’s Highways Voices podcast.

Chris took part in a conversation with Anthony Ferguson of the Department for Transport (DfT) at last week’s Transport Technology Forum (TTF) conference in Liverpool.

“I started with an outcome of what do we want the places we live to be like, what do we want that to be for our families and our kids, and then what do we need to get people there – and easy is the first word. It’s got to be easy.”

In the fascinating chat, Mr Boardman talks about getting people out of their cars safely, and making it easy for people to walk and cycle.

“Amsterdam’s 408 miles from where we’re sitting now – same climate,” he says. “60% of kids get to school under their own steam, largely riding bikes… and they do that every day. And that’s just normal 408 miles from here. And we asked the question, wouldn’t you want that for your kids?”

Hear how Mr Boardman plans to make it happen for kids, and adults across the country.

You’ll also hear news from podcast partners LCRIG, ITS (UK), Transport Technology Forum (TTF) and ADEPT.

You can listen to the podcast here.