Blackpool Council launches Project Amber

Following on from the success of the LCRIG Technical Training Day, held in partnership with the RSTA and the IHE earlier this year, Blackpool Council took the bold decision to invite suppliers and manufacturers of road surface treatments to participate within Project Amber. Project Amber was launched to enable Blackpool Council to obtain specialist advice from the supply chain for the right treatments in the right place at the right time.

The planning phase was undertaken at a Workshop whereby all the organisations involved were able to address the issues and challenges. The workshop also enabled all attendees to co-ordinate the programme of works whilst having the added benefit of the use of the Gaist technology to ascertain instant information with regard to the road condition data and images of the network. The added benefit of Project Amber is that this project will also serve as the first LCRIG Trial Site which will be viewed and monitored by other councils and the DfT.

The schemes are now underway whereby fifteen organisation, with a nominated Project Co-ordinator, are providing their expertise; whilst working collaboratively with each other and in partnership with one traffic management company; to deliver Project Amber efficiently and cost effectively for Blackpool Council.

An update on the progress of Project Amber will be announced at Strictly Highways. Also, a further Technical Training Day will be taking place in Oxford on the 1st October and another one will take place in Bristol before the end of the year. For further details about Project Amber and the forthcoming Technical Training Days, email

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