25 October 2021 | Environment | BY: Atkins Limited

Atkins responds to UK’s Net Zero Strategy

Commenting on the publication of the Net Zero Strategy, Chris Ball, Managing Director of Nuclear and Power, said:

“We welcome the Net Zero Strategy publication as an important step forward in the development of a clear plan of action that can deliver net zero in the timescales required.

“A fully decarbonised power system is vital if we are to achieve the UK’s net zero ambitions, so the commitments to bring forward investment in new nuclear through a Regulated Asset Base and encourage the development of floating wind technology and CCUS at scale are welcome.

“The scale of the challenge to achieve net zero is greater than any engineering programme ever delivered, from the build rate required to decarbonise power by 2035 to the scale and pace of the programme required to retrofit buildings and transform our transportation systems and infrastructure. This is also an opportunity to position the UK and its organisations at the forefront of a global transition to a zero carbon economy.

“We have long called for a whole system approach to delivering net zero and the need for an Energy System Architect to oversee such a complex overhaul of such critical infrastructure. It is encouraging that Government is aiming for a system approach to delivering net zero, but this must be practically implemented with nearer-term milestones to measure performance and gauge progress.

“Industry and Government must continue to work together to achieve the momentous challenge ahead of us and achieve our decarbonisation goals at such an unprecedented scale and pace.”

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