17 February 2022 | Net Zero | Our Work

#AsktheDfT webinar now available ‘On Demand’

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group’s latest #AsktheDfT webinar is now available to watch on demand.

Entitled ‘The importance of active travel’, the webinar provided attendees with an opportunity to find out more about the importance of well-maintained footways and the societal benefits that can be brought about by an increase in active travel.

Members of LCRIG were given the opportunity to put questions to DfT representatives on the subject of active travel.

When thinking about active travel there is often a big focus put on cycling with many councils spending millions on improvement schemes.

The condition of footways is often an afterthought but there is evidence that suggests more funding should be spent on maintaining and improving them.

This is because good footways improve connectivity and mobility. This in-turn leads to an increase in walking which brings about physical and economic benefits; increased productivity at work; vibrant high streets and improvements to health. Walking also contributes to better air quality and tackling climate change.

Recent analysis shows that since 2019, footways are in a cycle of gradual decline into poor condition.

Whilst you would expect to see this with any large UK asset, deterioration is an ongoing action which means that the downward trend will continue if maintenance interventions do not take place.

Attendees put their questions directly to senior personnel from the Department for Transport (DfT) on the following topic areas:

  • Societal benefits brought about by active travel
  • How councils can make progress in this area
  • Improving footways to help encourage more walking
  • Implementing best practice for footway maintenance
  • Central Government support to help advance progress

Panelists included:

  • Dr Kevin Golding-Williams, Head of Cycling and Walking Policy, Active Travel, DfT
  • Matthew Eglinton, Head of Local Highways Maintenance, Innovation, and Resilience, Local Infrastructure, DfT

The latest #AsktheDfT webinar along with all other previous recordings are available to watch on demand here.