23 October 2023 | Innovation

ARTSM announces Guidance for the Use of Portable Traffic Signals

ARTSM is pleased to announce the release of their Guidance for the Use of Portable Traffic Signals, Edition 1.

The Guidance is intended to replace the DfT Pink Book and TALS 2/11 and 3/11 with immediate effect. DfT have confirmed they will begin the process of withdrawal.

Trainers, TM operatives, utilities works teams and local authority highways traffic management teams are urged to purchase the new Guidance which includes a new element on timings – a crucial element of traffic management.

The new Guidance will assist those creating training for both National Highways Sector Scheme 12, and Streetworks & Utilities works to ensure better application for set up and use.

ARTSM would like to thank all those involved in providing feedback during the consultation process, including DfT and the Health & Safety Executive. They have reviewed all comments received and are hopeful that the Guidance will clarify areas of previous uncertainty by drawing all relevant text and earlier guidance into a single place of reference. Sales | ARTSM

The Guidance can be purchased from ARTSM via the website

While on the website, you may like to take a look at what else ARTSM provide. There are many free to download Guidance notes on a range of topics relating to product and infrastructure. Details of ARTSM’s working groups terms of reference and how to join can be found on the home page.