Amberon and the Instaboom

At Amberon we are forever committing ourselves on adopting new innovations and technology. We are constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of what we do; from safety & environmental innovations to the latest products & software. Over the years we have seen so many creative and pioneering systems develop and are always at the forefront of bringing these to our work sites as they progress and sustain excellent working practices, safety & security.

Amberon’s latest trial supplied by Highway Care has recently been completed on a number of live sites in Cardiff. The product is the ‘Instaboom’ the UK’s first solar/hybrid, instant deployment, work zone protection vehicle barrier. On site during recent weeks. The Instaboom can be deployed by one person in seconds instantly providing a reliable access point for road closures for construction activities, highways, events and allows emergency access. The simple but reliable barrier has a radio fob which works up to 800m away and lasts one month between charges without sun.

On the trial sites the Instaboom was positioned at road closure points to only allow authorised persons into the site in replacement to our usual set up of equipment manually placed on and off the road by our operatives when access is required. The Instaboom allowed the road closure to run extremely effectively and was time efficient for our operatives and any authorised visitors to site as the usual procedure of moving cones was eliminated. This added to the sites integrity, offering a visually more professional, well organised approach.

Amberon believe that the Instaboom, as well as administering effective and efficient advantages is also an outstanding and innovative safety feature that has many benefits. The Health and Safety for our operatives is always a priority for Amberon, already having in place many technologies to ensure our operatives wellbeing is persevered including our Safe site – home tonight campaign, six-point PPE issue, the introduction of portable CCTV units and Body worn cameras. We found the Instaboom unquestionably creates a supplementary safer environment for our on-site operatives by eliminating the need for manual management and removing operatives from the conflict area.

During this trial Amberon’s operatives have presented some great feedback explaining that the Instaboom is a great asset to the site. It was easy to transport & deploy, didn’t need to be charged due to being solar powered therefore extremely reliable and the signal strength to control the barrier was brilliant. Overall the operatives were very impressed by the Instaboom.

If you are interested in adding the Instaboom to your next Amberon road closure installation please speak to your local Business Development Manager or contact

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