28 July 2022

A tribute to Peter Clay from LCRIG

At LCRIG we have always been a close team and that includes being close with our board members too. We were devastated when we heard the sad news that Peter Clay had passed away. We can honestly say upon hearing the news that a huge wave of sadness hit us all.

Peter became one of our first national advocates when LCRIG started to grow beyond the North-West. He was passionate about sharing the good practice and challenges that councils are facing. It was Peter that pushed the LCRIG approach to other councils long before we grew. So, it was only natural that he became one of our national advocates and ambassadors.

Peter had a long and committed career at Cumbria County Council where he did many great things and fought to have the best roads with the resources available. Whilst he favoured the traditional, he was also staunchly in favour of driving innovation, and he could often be found seeking out new ideas and talking with fellow Engineers at other regional groups and supporting others.

Many who knew Peter also knew that he was tenacious in pursuing the best for Cumbria residents and the wider sector. He would often take on tasks outside of his remit because he believed it was the right thing to do, including local drainage issues at the Auction Mart in Cockermouth which he insisted on being involved with and knew how to resolve the problems! This is just a small example of how likely he was to get involved to help others.

Peter had 35 years’ experience, and his enthusiasm for engineering and highways never waned. He was relentless in his curiosity and commitment, we will miss him terribly. We know he’s left a huge space behind and none more so than with his family, friends, work colleagues and LCRIG team.

We will be making donations to Myeloma UK in memory of a great man who gave a great service to Cumbria and the sector. If you would like to donate please use the link https://www.myeloma.org.uk/fundraising-and-donations/

Many of our LCRIG colleagues and partners also had some wonderful things to say about Peter which you can read here.