1st July 2020

A New End for Safety – Highway Care announced as Exclusive UK Distributor of SMA Road Safety solutions


Highway Care have agreed a deal to supply SMA Road Safety Ermes End Terminals and Leonidas family of Crash Cushions plus their full range of road safety solutions across the UK as of 1st July 2020.

Known for introducing innovative, highway safety solutions to the industry and Highway Care was the first to introduce a P4 End Terminal and Crash Cushion to the UK market in the early 2000’s. After successfully achieving the mandating of P4 End Terminals in 2004 we estimate over 50,000 units have been installed in the proceeding years.

From 1st July Highway Care will supply a full range of high-speed solutions, including end terminals, in 6 variants of installation and performance speed, and crash cushions, in 43 variants of width and performance speed. Each solution will offer protection based on specific applications and speeds, allowing for more tailored solutions.

Benefits of Ermes End Terminal and Leonidas Crash Cushion families

The Ermes P4 End Terminal brings a new standard to the UK P4 terminal market as it offers;

‘The performance of a crash cushion, but at the price of a P4 terminal’.

  • Double-Sided terminal, made entirely from steel, utilising energy absorbing elements
  • Repairable, like a crash cushion, post design impact: reducing both repair costs and time
  • Shorter Length versus competitive systems: where space is limited can be installed where others cannot
  • Best In Class performance: meeting D1.1 and Z1 specification
  • Flexible Installation options for a range of surface types including soil, asphalt and concrete

The Leonidas Crash Cushion family comes as four versions; Parallel, Semi Wide, Wide and X-Wide.

What sets these re-directive steel crash cushions apart? The simple replacement of the impact absorbing panels after a collision, saving maintenance contractors on project time and costs.

  • Largest Selection available, with 43 variants of width size and speed performance options
  • Simple Replacement of impact absorbing panels after a collision, saving maintenance contractors on project time and costs
  • Market Leading short system lengths for applications with limited space
  • The Leonidas Parallel for narrow spaces, particularly tunnels, protecting against vehicles of varying speeds, including: 50 km/h, 80 km/h, 100 km/h and up to 110 km/h. 110km/h Parallel system has even passed experimental high speed test at 130 km/h (80.8mph)
  • Semi-Wide solution ideal for slip roads and junction schemes
  • X-Wide protects larger and wider, hazards with performance speeds from 80 km/h to 110 km/h.


Ben Duncker, Highway Care Commercial Director

Antony Butcher, Highway Care Managing Director

‘As we make headway through what has been a very difficult time for people in the personal and business sense, it is very exciting and uplifting to be able to share some news which will allow Highway Care to take the next step forward and team with a fellow forward-thinking company to offer the industry even more road safety products. We are looking forward to seeing many Ermes End Terminals and Leonidas Crash Cushions on the road in the near future.’

Roberto Impero, SMA Commercial Business Manager

‘SMA is excited to be working with the UK’s recognised leader in road safety innovation and product supply. Highway Care has demonstrated over many years its understanding of the highways market along with the ability to form strong and lasting relationships with both consulting and contracting companies.

SMA is proud to have developed a broad range of road safety products which are approved and being used widely in most countries worldwide, we are committed to developing and manufacturing new life saving products and we feel that in Highway Care we have a fantastic partner that shares with our determination and desire.’

About Highway Care:

Highway Care are a leading, highway and security turnkey solutions provider, established in 1974. As pioneers in safety and security solutions, we exist to bring products to the highways market to make roads safer for motorists and working environments safer for road crews. Highway Care have introduced many mainstay highway safety products to the UK market including, lorry mounted crash cushions in 1990, traffic mounted attenuators in 1994 and the P4 terminal, safety barrier crash cushions and QMB in 2004. In the early 2000s Highway Care developed and brought to market the BG800® portable steel barrier.

www.highwaycare.com Innovative solutions for a safer future

About SMA:

SMA Road Safety was founded in 2011 as a Road Safety Dept. of the Company Industry A.M.S. which designs and manufactures conveyor systems for the Automotive and Domestic Appliance systems since 1969.

SMA has developed more than 30 different Vehicle Restraint Systems, specifically Crash Cushions and End Terminals.

Since 2016 it has also started the development of monitoring systems and SMART solutions which can help the customers to manage, install, and repair the SMA products.