24 March 2020


XA© Asset Management System now incorporates a fully accredited UKPMS system for processing and reporting National Condition Indicators and
financial information.

XA© UKPMS is the newest UKPMS system on the market today and offers local authority users:

  • the fastest data loading and validation.
  • the fastest UKPMS processing.
  • an intuitive, easy to use user interface.
  • elegant and professional reports.

XAIS has a highly experienced team of UKPMS consultants many of whom have been involved in the UKPMS project since its early days.
In total we have over 100 Years UKPMS experience between us. We will beat your existing costs by 50%* To coincide with the launch of XA© UKPMS, we are offering all local authorities (who do not produce their statutory UKPMS reports internally) the opportunity to have their National Indicator and HAMFIG Financial Reports produced by XAIS at 50% less than the price they currently pay*. We will:

  • load and validate your SCANNER, CVI, FNS and Inventory HMDIF data.
  • process your data using our UKPMS Automatic Pass and RCI Weighting Set Pass.
  • produce your National Indicators & HAMFIG Financial Reports.

We are also offering all existing and new XA© users the fully integrated XA© UKPMS module at no extra cost.

Don’t pay more than you need to for your UKPMS National Data Set Reporting For more information contact us now: info@xais.co.uk | 01344 388017

*Proof of current costs required

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