What we do

The role of the Board is to help accelerate new products, services and ideas for the progression of innovation within the highways sector.

The Board is made up of several key individuals from across the roads, utilities and energy sectors with individuals representing a range of different organisations including central government, local authorities, SMEs, trade associations and technology providers.

The board will be mindful of commercial sensitivities and will work with innovators to ensure they are happy with the ‘when and where’ of sharing information.

People who come to the board with ideas can be confident that the control of the material, product or service rests with them. The board’s role will be to try and cut away at the layers of delay that can often stifle innovation with members offering clear and constructive feedback.

Key objectives

The key objectives of the group include:

  • To encourage innovation in all aspects of highway/public realm infrastructure either for maintenance or for new construction/installation.
  • To support and encourage new thinking and or a new approach to existing issues and future challenges.
  • To facilitate open and active general discussion across the LCRIG membership and the wider highways community.
  • To offer focused comment and input from a wide range of stakeholders, first directly through the board membership and their companies/organisations, but ultimately from the wider highway community
  • To support new products, processes or materials that are new to the industry through trials and monitoring/testing.
  • To follow and maintain input into a product, process or material during its initial lifespan.

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