Innovation is Essential

LCRIG aims to facilitate the development and implementation of innovation and technology within the highways sector.

This focused approach will assist the Department for Transport in giving assurance to Ministers that the sector is doing everything it can, with the funding available, to enable the ongoing development of innovation within the highways sector.

LCRIG is also committed to reconnecting SME’s with councils to enable the introduction of new technology and to facilitate the growth of innovation through the LCRIG ‘Rich and Reach’ sharing network. 

LCRIG will establish and maintain an Innovation Register for the benefit of all. Coming soon!

Innovation & technology update

This section is reserved for Key Organisations such as the Department for Transport.  We also hope that it will be utilised by organisations such as Innovate UK and Catapult to enable them to have a ‘shop window’ to showcase their news, updates and links to help our members learn more about developments, funding opportunities and much more.

Please contact LCRIG if your organisation fits within this criteria, we will be happy to provide this resource for the benefit of all our members.

The content in these pages will be populated very soon.  For now, the links will take you to the websites of these organisations.


LCRIG is keen to support Associate Members and Utility Members with the establishment and development of their new products and services.

We will actively encourage our Council Members to undertake trials and to share news and updates from the trials with other councils and the ‘highways community’.

We also aim to support our Associate Members and Utility Members by assisting them with not having to undertake multiple trials on multiple networks. If their products and services have been accepted and approved by one Council Member and has been in situ for a specific length of time, we are hoping it will be accepted by other Council Members.


LCRIG is currently establishing a Framework Contract that will become available for all councils nationwide and will enable all road surface treatment organisations to work for any council.

This Framework Contract is being developed to facilitate the introduction of innovation and technology within the council market. It will enable micro companies and SME’s to directly connect with the councils.

The Framework Contract will be ‘solution based’ and 100% quality based for the purpose of ensuring that innovative technology and new product developments can be accessed by all.

LCRIG will also provide a platform to collate all of the existing council Framework Contracts, such as the RAMS Framework, that can be utilised by other councils. This is coming soon….please send us details.


LCRIG supports the ‘highways community’ by setting up, organising or facilitating CPD presentations, technical training days, member meetings, round table discussions and introductions. Members can also benefit from virtual support through our members’ area, by email and over the phone.

Members of LCRIG are also provided with a Member Profile. This service provides each member with the opportunity to share their organisation’s details, job opportunities, news, videos and links to key information. Members are also able to request for LCRIG to facilitate communication between members and the wider highways community.

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