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CIHT Spring Conference 2020 –┬áVision 2030

New style, new location, new approach, new vision – Wednesday 1 April 2020

The next 10 years will see the future vision of the highways & transport sector in the UK being defined as governments set out how we deliver sustainable growth whilst meeting the problems caused by climate change. For the first time, this conference will set out what changes all those involved in the sector will need to make to define and deliver that vision.

  • Hear what the automotive and energy sectors are doing that impacts on our infrastructure
  • Understand what needs to be done now and the necessary steps required to move forward and meet the challenges of climate change
  • Help define our vision for the future
  • What tools are coming to help us change
  • What key clients need from the sector
  • What the political view is from the new UK government
  • A unique learning and networking opportunity where you can contribute to setting our sectors visions for the future and discover what is needed now to create a sustainable and profitable highways and transportation sector.

Further Reasons To Attend

The event provides an opportunity to tackle the new political agenda, gain access to top-level strategic content, position you and your organisation at the heart of the debate and get your questions answered.

  • Sessions that will set out the challenges faced by the sector and provides a roadmap for the future
  • Get your questions answered with Q&A sessions
  • The opportunity to see a wide range of best practice sessions from speakers across the sector
  • Premium networking opportunities

Want Even More

  • Be where your potential clients are
  • Presence of the Strategic Transport Bodies and additional networking opportunities at the STB Drinks Reception
  • Flexibility and variety to plan your day


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