Blackpool Council – Highways and
Traffic Management Services Division

Type of Authority

Blackpool Council provides more than 150 services to a local population of around 142,000 people. Our aim is to improve the lives of people living in Blackpool by creating a safe, fair and prosperous town.

What we do

The Highways and Traffic Management Services Division works under the remit of the Council Plan which places emphasis on strengthening the local economy and local communities. We are doing this through a mixture of facilitation – or helping people to do the right thing – and empowerment – creating the right conditions for people to improve things for themselves.

Highways & Traffic Management Services vision is to provide the residents and visitors of our town alike, with quality services that provide for all interests, abilities, ages and backgrounds, in particular meeting people’s needs and aspirations


Councillor Gillian Campbell

Deputy Leader of the Council

Fred Jackson

Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Highways

John Blackledge

Director of Community & Environmental Services

Will Britain

Head of Highways & Traffic Management Services

Mark Anderson

Engineering Services Manager

Ian Large

Highways & Traffic Management Performance Manager

Neil McArdle

Senior Asset
Management OfficerM
& Analyst


Highways & Traffic Communications Officer


If you’d like to contact any of our personnel via LCRIG.


Goals & Aspirations


  • clean, safe and accessible town, balancing robust enforcement with a supportive culture.
  • High-quality infrastructure, a pioneering approach to development, and quality business investment.


  • Engage the local community to play a part in service planning and delivery.
  • Positive health and well-being opportunities for the local community – particularly for those in greatest need – to build confidence, ambition and aspiration.


  • To provide well managed, coordinated and joined up services that are value for money, resilient and sustainable.

Important Information

Council administrationLabour
Client servicesIn House
Highway maintenance contractor/sIn House – Engineering Services
External contract Partners
Procured frameworksRe-surfacing contract – tba
RAMS Framework – GAIST Solutions Ltd
External contractsRoad Marking – A1 Streamline
Flood & Water Management – In Touch
Consultants usedWildes Consulting engineers, Gaist Solutions Ltd, Pell Frischman
Road length550km
No. gullies33,000
No. streetlights
PFI’sStreet lighting & Traffic Signal PFI’s – E-on
Managed servicesNone
ICT systems
Asset managementGaist Asset Stream hosted on line
Bridges & structure asset managementAMX
Flood & water ManagementGaist Asset Stream, In Touch, HIRAM
StreetworksSymology – managed service hosted on line
Shared servicesMember of NWLCRIG with Lancashire County Council. Cumbria County Council, Manchester Council, Halton Council, Chester & Cheshire West County Council, Blackburn Council
Winter maintenance contractorIn House
Total no. highway & traffic management
related services staff (including operatives)
Key Themes for next 12 – 24 monthsRoad condition, Bridge Condition, Flood & water management, Strengthening of 2km strategic road on earth embankment

News & Events

Self assessment

QuestionBand 1Band 2Band 3
1. Asset Management Policy and Strategy
2. Communications
3. Performance Management Framework
4. Asset Data Management
5. Lifecycle Planning
6. Leadership and Commitment
7. Competencies and Training
8. Risk Management
9. Resilient Network
10. Implemented Potholes Review
11. Implemented the Drainage Guidance
12. Satisfaction
13. Feedback
QuestionBand 1Band 2Band 3
14. Information
15. Benchmarking
16. Efficiency Monitoring
17. Periodic Review of Operational Service Delivery
18. Supply Chain Collaboration
19. Lean Reviews
20. Works Programming
21. Collaborative Working
22. Procuring External Highway Maintenance Services
Total Band01012
Overall BandBand 2
Overall score56



Contract Leads

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