We are a specialist customer experience consultancy with a background spanning 30 years of experience in infrastructure services, working for tier one suppliers at the sharp end of service delivery. Our extensive experience of contracting in the public sector has given us an in-depth and politically sensitive understanding of the public sector dynamic, putting us in a unique position to help Authorities and the supply chain meet changing demands.

The public services sector is changing: transparency, value for money, and services designed and delivered with the end-user in mind are essential if we are to rebuild trust in private/public sector relationships and deliver network improvements whilst keeping disruption to a minimum. We know that creating an industry-wide customer-focused approach will be key to future success as we adapt to new technology and develop the integrated transport network our customers demand. We also know that customer-focused services are more efficient, delivered right first time, give value for money, and provide safe working environments for front-line staff and the end-user.

We create first-class customer reputations by providing the framework and rigour so your clients and end-user customers consistently value and advocate what you do.  Our customer experience strategies are tailored to your needs and desired outcomes – delivering sustainable improvements and long-lasting culture change.


Ruth Kinsella

I have worked in the public/private services industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles including Account Director of a £40m Highways and Design contract. Extensive experience of contracting in the public sector has given me an in-depth understanding of the local government dynamic and relationships, and a politically sensitive insight into Government behaviours and needs.

My career has steered me towards becoming a Customer Experience professional in industries which have typically focused on commercial outcomes rather than providing a service to end-users, and I am passionate about delivering excellent services to customers in an increasingly challenging
economic and political environment.


Lianne Butler-White

After decades of bad press about poor customer relations, service industries are waking up to the fact that giving customers a good experience is good for business. And for good reason: customer influenced services are better, more efficient, delivered right first time, and provide safe working environments for front-line staff. These are serious issues in a time of economic, political, and social uncertainty.

I draw on a variety of experiences, skills and creativity hard won from different sectors and roles to produce local strategies and improvement plans, and  develop new tools and techniques to make it easier for everyone to consider the customer at every step in the process, from design to delivery.


News, Case Studies, and Thought Leadership


Our Services

  • Customer experience strategies: delivering long-lasting culture change, reduced incidence rates and associated costs, increased competitiveness, increased work-winning potential, enabled funding opportunities, and measurable increased customer satisfaction.
  • Support to achieve BSI or ICS customer accreditation.
  • Maturity mapping and improvement plans.
  • Customer surveys and focus groups.
  • Stakeholder management and engagement.
  • Customer awareness workshops.
  • Culture and behaviour change.
  • Work-winning proposal development and routes to market insights.