Yeadon Way, Blackpool

Location Yeadon Way, Blackpool

Start date 01/05/2020
Completion 01/05/2020

Project requirement Yeadon Way carries on average 12,000 vehicles a day bringing thousands of tourists into Blackpool during the height of the holiday season. Such heavy traffic levels combined with ageing infrastructure built on an old railway embankment has seen the carriageway weakened in recent years. In 2015, a substantial portion of the road was rebuilt to improve the embankments and this second phase of works in 2020 involved further strengthening work to 2km of carriageway. The latest works included resurfacing with SMA, however the 5,500m2 section of asphalt laid in 2015, which fell between the 2020 sections, was still in good ‘green’ condition and Blackpool Council saw no reason to replace it. A solution was required which would; • preserve the condition of the existing asphalt, making it last as long and look as good as the fresh SMA • be quick and easy to apply within the closure period without requiring more than one site visit • provide a consistent aesthetic appearance across all sections.

Services supplied RHiNOPHALT® asphalt preservative is proven to increase the life of asphalt meaning the treated 2015 asphalt should remain in as good condition as the 2020 SMA. The ‘fresh’ black finish gave the appearance of newly laid asphalt and provided a contrast to the freshly painted white lines.

Outcomes Preserving this section of road (at 5 years old) with RHiNOPHALT® will ensure that the rate of ageing is slowed down and it will be as durable as the new asphalt. The treated surface will become more resistant to stone loss, water ingress and the severe ageing effects of weathering and oxidation. One application of RHiNOPHALT® on older asphalt surfaces can extend pavement life by up to 5 years, before re-treatment becomes necessary. RHiNOPHALT® treatment requires no compaction and aftercare. It has the lowest carbon footprint of all road surface treatments.

Comment from Will Britain, Head of Highways and Traffic Management and Ian Large, Performance Manager – Blackpool Council

“We took our time when considering this section of our network and the work to be undertaken, broadly the brief was to bring the structure and the road it carries back up to what it should be in terms of its performance, residual lifespan and visual appearance. Yeadon Way is a key gateway into the town, its right at the end of the motorway and one of the first views of Blackpool visitors would see. It also carries a significant level of traffic right through the year.

It is an elevated section carriageway and affording access for works and maintenance is problematic it is in effect ‘always on’ with no alternate routes.

With this in mind the treatment of the previously completed section with the asphalt preservative made absolute sense, although relatively young in highway terms and it good condition, it was still a straight forward choice to extend its life and delay the ageing process. A perfect example of the right treatment undertaken at the right time.

And whilst the area treated wasn’t huge (5’500m²) it was still an impressive turnaround for the work, undertaken and completed in one visit, one morning shift. Very positive outcome and one Blackpool are really pleased with.”