Halton Borough: LCRIG

Halton Borough Council brings perspectives and experiences from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

Richard Wakefield, Halton’s representative, finds LCRIG to be a very supportive group and appreciates being able to discuss Halton’s services with other local authority members who have years of experience to offer.

The open discussion platform offers valuable space to share experience and best practice and to benefit from lessons learnt across the member authorities. These discussions are an opportunity to confirm that Halton Council is on the right track in its approaches to highway management but also enable the council to do things slightly differently by learning from others who have worked through similar issues.

The channel to the Department for Transport through attendance by Steve Berry helps members to understand what may be coming up in the future in regard to highway policy and developments; benchmarking amongst LCRIG members assists with developing services in line with the self-assessment and WGA requirements.

Richard Wakefield

Asset Officer, Highways & Transport, Halton Borough Council

Richard Wakefield has worked in Halton Borough Council for over 20 years, across environment and highway services. Richard has extensive experience of managing the council’s street gazetteer and moved from Highway Development Control to Highway Asset Management a couple of years ago. Richard has recently completed the IHE Asset Management course and, as an officer in a small local authority, deals with all aspects of highway asset management, including condition surveys, WGA, Rights of Way and other associated tasks.