Broadmarsh Bus Station

Status Completed works during 1 phase over a week period- January 2021

Location Broadmarsh Bus Station, Nottingham

Start date 04/01/2021
Completion 11/01/2021

Project requirement Miles Macadam was recently selected to surface Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Bus Station as part of the Council’s transformation of the city. This redevelopment has been coined the ‘Nottingham Southside’ project and includes significant changes to the city centre and surrounding southern area. In 2017, the old Broadmarsh Bus Station was demolished after it was labelled to be in a state of disrepair and the plans of rebuild were designed to create a new gateway into the city.

Services supplied Miles Macadam is a market leader in the manufacture and installation of Grouted Macadam Systems which resulted in 2,366m2 of Miles Macadam’s own BBA certified cementitious Grouted Macadam Hardicrete™ being specified for the project. Hardicrete™ is a reinforced surfacing material described as a hybrid between asphalt and concrete. It is designed to withstand intense traffic loadings and fuel/leachate contamination whilst maintaining flexural strength, making it the ideal material solution for this project. The programme for the new build development consisted of laying a 70mm binder course prior to the installation of a 40mm depth Hardicrete™ surface course. The works were completed in a single phase, over a one-week period.

Outcomes The surfacing of Broadmarsh Bus Station was completed with the guarantee of quality and assurance that the site will have a long lasting surface for years to come.