Bearse Farm, Caravan Park Pitches

Location Bearse Farm, Lydney, Gloucestershire

Project requirement Our client was developing some land to create a camping & caravanning site. The site would include nineteen 6m x 20m caravan pitches, a small welfare block, drying room and a shop offering provisions to holiday makers. When Wrekin were approached, an alternative solution had already been put forward for the caravan pitches, but when the project brief was explained, we suggested our CellTrack™ system. The site is located in the Forest of Dean Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so the local council had imposed very strict planning conditions on the project, setting out what material could and could not be used.

Services supplied 2,300m² - MultiTrack™ 1000 and CellTrack™

Outcomes Critically, for Wrekin’s element of the scheme, the caravan pitches could not be constructed from any type of hard standing. In short, the planners had insisted on a ‘green solution’. However, our clients concern was that regularly trafficking a simple grass solution, with manoeuvring cars and caravans, would not be robust enough and would quickly leave him with a muddy & unusable site. Wrekin’s CellTrack™ system fitted the brief and the planning conditions perfectly – providing an almost invisible green solution that would ‘reinforce’ the grass pitches and maintain the pitches usability. In order to establish and maintain the grass within the system, Wrekin explained that the CellTrack™ needed to be laid on a 100mm deep layer of ‘root zone’, the panels are then filled with a good quality topsoil and seed. Once complete, the pitches are easily maintained during the growing season by routine mowing. The system is very easy to install, requiring semi-skilled labour and only a minimum of plant. In fact, our client was occasionally assisted by his young children and stated that installing the CellTrack™ was “childs play”! He particularly liked that the individual pieces were square (500mm x 500mm) as this made it easy to calculate his required quantities, and the ease that they connected together without the need for an unnecessarily long ‘ground spike’ thereby enabling him to easily fine tune his finished levels without almost permanently fixing the system to the ground.

Wrekin CellTrack™ is a permanent panelled system that is virtually invisible from the surface once fitted. It is designed for quick and easy installation with the panels simply interlocking together and can be installed to provide either a gravel or grass surface. Small ground spikes on the base of each panel provide anchorage during installation.