WJ Group

WJ Group is the UK’s leading specialist road marking business dedicated to permanent and temporary road markings, road studs, high friction and safety surfacing, average speed cameras, asphalt joint repair, line removal and asphalt retexturing.

People, client and supplier relationships are our strength and together we have evolved WJ into the most successful innovator, manufacturer and provider of award winning products and services in our sector.

WJ have significant contracting resources with over 215 specialist road marking vehicles, two advanced materials manufacturing plants, a materials research facility and a skilled engineering design, development and build division.


What we do

We provide safe, high quality, cost efficient highway maintenance solutions for your road network.

Utilising our vast experience and knowledge of best practice, we have developed products and services specifically designed to help local authorities meet their challenging and growing needs. Our Roadmarking asset management plan (RAMP) is one example were WJ assists local authorities to create a lifecycle planning process to meet the requirements of the Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice .

We also extend a wide range of highway maintenance products and contracting services, with a focus on innovation to continually find better, safer and more sustainable solutions

Andy Walker

Group Commercial Director


Steve McGilchrist

Group Business Development Manager


Will Smith

WJ North Commercial Manager


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Our Products

  • Roadmarking Asset Management Planning (RAMP)
  • Weatherline High Performance Road Markings
  • Allux Road Studs
  • Weathergrip High Friction and Coloured Demarcation surfacing
  • Crack Sealing and Joint Repair
  • Asphalt Retexturing
  • TASCAR Average Speed Cameras

Our Services

Roadmarking Asset Management Planning (RAMP)

RAMP is designed for local authorities, providing a survey and comprehensive report on the condition of road markings throughout your network. Combined with a carefully constructed asset management plan you can meet standards and continually improve road safety.

Road Marking and Road Studs Contracting

High performance road markings and road studs providing high level of retroreflective performance combined with durability using low carbon materials.

Joint Repair and Crack Sealing

Joint repair and crack sealing with the specific HAPAS approved system to meet the type and condition of the road surface

Road Retexturing

Retexturing services with Captive Shot Blast and Hydro systems to restore skid resistance on asphalt and concrete surfaces.