Vehicle Activated Signs And Intelligent Traffic Safety Systems

Since 2001, Westcotec has been at the forefront of the vehicle activated sign industry. Based in the centre of Norfolk, we have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of Vehicle Activated Signs And Intelligent Traffic Safety System quality vehicle-activated signs in the UK. At the heart of our growth, is a commitment to customer service. Westcotec’s aim is to make the whole process of buying any of our products as smooth as possible. Free advice is always available from our experienced staff.

What we do

Westcotec design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive and complete range of vehicle-activated road signs and numerous systems that are triggered from a wide range of sensors. In addition to conventional signs, we can create bespoke solutions to your individual traffic safety requirements. The strong relationship we have built with Local Authorities has enabled us to continually develop our products to create specific and bespoke solutions which exceed the clients requirements. Aside from the vehicle activated sign side of the business, Westcotec supply a vast range of detectors to enable messages based on triggers from over-height vehicles to reduce bridge strikes, depth of the water for flood warning systems, thermal detection cameras to determine vehicles on side roads to eliminate collisions at crossroads/side roads, and pedestrian/cycle detection to warn motorists of their presence ahead.

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Why Choose Us?

Since 2001 we have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of quality vehicle activated signs in the country.

Our experienced staff are always on hand to offer free expert advice.

We’re proud to say our products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

All our products are marked with a certification that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

Our Products

We provide a range of products including fixed and portable signs and signals in bespoke and standard designs. A large number of detectors can be used to trigger the displays, from radar for overspeed vehicles to optical sensors to determine vehicle height.

Our portable signs are battery powered and can be easily moved to different sites by one person. The flexibility these types of sign offer is beneficial in locations which suffer speeding problems in several areas, meaning signs can be easily deployed to target various hotspots.

Fixed radar activated signs can be installed onto a lamppost, or similar street furniture, and powered by either a mains supply, battery, solar and/or wind energy.

Data collection systems can be added to most of our products, from simple Excel format to ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

We specialise in creating bespoke products to address specific issues, so even if it’s something we haven’t manufactured before, these can be designed to suit your specification.

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