Vaisala provides its customers with a wide offering of products and services for better decision-making, increased productivity, and improved safety and quality. We have decades of experience in manufacturing measurement instruments. Our instruments are used for measuring weather-related phenomena and environmental conditions in industrial processes.

Vaisala’s RoadAI System

RoadAI provides solutions to the most difficult challenges organizations are facing related to infrastructure management, efficiency of operations, and improving roadway safety.

RoadAI makes it easy to collect, view and leverage road network data on a map. Featuring a dynamic range of tools for interacting with data and providing a birds-eye view on the state of specific assets, network wide. Vaisala´s RoadAI mobile application allows for flexible and easily-deployable data collection with handheld smart devices supporting reporting tools.

Computer vision capabilities process road video data to cost-effectively provide:

  • Pavement defect assessment
  • Traffic sign inventories
  • Weather conditions
  • Anonymization of visual material

Empowering everyone from highway engineers to policymakers to make better, more informed decisions. Get in touch with us today to learn more about RoadAI.

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RoadAI System Components

Road Data Collection Mobile Application

Enhance your workflow with the best tool for field data designed for fast and hassle free capture of your network. RoadAI’s mobile application enables you to create and collect material using only a smartphone. Automatically mark geo-referenced points of interest using powerful reporting tools for tagging observations. Record up-to-date HD videos and images of your network for visualization on the RoadAI map or computer vision analysis. Benefit from mapped sensor data generated immediately during the recording process such as graded road surface roughness and anomalies. Enhance employee and network user safety through effective inspections.

Data Visualization & Management Map Interface

Access your roads remotely – one platform to visualize, manage and share mapped data for your organization. View all of your recorded routes, heatmaps, annotations, computer vision detection side-by-side with respective imagery on a preferred base map with metadata. Interact with points of interest to prioritize operations, assign case specific tasks or export them as reports. Inspect asset condition and position by leveraging various filters and lists to visualize data based on your criteria. Shift from reactive to proactive means of operation through objective decision-making supported by situational awareness and up-to-date data.

Computer Vision Automated Data Analysis

Let technology provide a shortcut to assessing your network by automatically identifying, grading and localizing assets on your network. Computer vision capabilities process road video data to cost-effectively provide automatic pavement defect assessment, traffic sign inventories, weather conditions and anonymization of visual material.

Computer Vision Features

Pavement Defect Assessment

Visualize the extent of defects present on your network’s roadways with automated detection and classification of severity. Cracking, surface deterioration and other road surface defects are usually inspected manually or carried out by third-party inspectors. RoadAI provides a new, faster and more reliable way to execute assessment for planning and maintenance. Road surface defects are localized and presented on RoadAI map as both heatmaps and lists.

Traffic Sign Inventories

Benefit from time and cost savings with Vaisala’s Computer Vision services, replacing resource intensive manual inspections with automated traffic sign inventories supporting change detection.  In continuous use, road video data collection can be easily integrated into everyday operations, enabling tracking of changes including missing or damaged signs. Traffic signs are localized and presented on RoadAI map as point objects and list inventories.


Data privacy is ensured by autonomous anonymization of private data such as people and vehicles. Privacy of the individual is a concern for all organizations, after anonymization, data can be shared as open data also for third party users. Frame accuracy will remain untouched and only vehicles and people are removed. Service guarantees compliance with European Union data privacy act (GDPR).