Urban Electric is an award winning British charge point developer and operator of the world's first 'pop-up' electric vehicle charging system.

What we do

5 years and £5m in development and pilots with Oxford, Dundee and Plymouth City Councils and Staffordshire County Council, the innovative Urban Electric UEone pop-up charging system features a fully retractable dual socket charge point that minimises street clutter to preserve the urban streetscape. In addition, a unique 30 minute swap-out process delivers network uptimes of 99%-100%. Designed for residential streets, on-street and off-street visitor parking, conservation areas and new housing developments, the UEone is a highly scalable ‘fast’ AC charging solution from 7kW – 22kW.

UEone charge points are deployed as EV charging hubs. Each hub typically comprises 3 charge points (6 EV Only charging bays) and a small feeder pillar just 1m x 1m x 0.3m. Each hub requires a 3-phase 100 amp connection from the Low Voltage network, suitable for 80% – 90% of streets (compared to lamp post charging, where only approximately 20% – 30% of lamp posts are suitable). At 40% utilisation, each 3-charger hub will provide the annual charging needs for approximately 60 electric vehicles, enough for most residential streets.

Depending on whether you wish to own or outsource EV infrastructure, the UEone is available to local authorities and property developers as both a part funded (assumes government funding), and a fully funded charging solution (as a complete turnkey solution with revenue stream).

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