Ticknall Solar

Ticknall Solar are an electronics design and manufacturing company based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. We commenced business in 1994 and have been granted three patents on the technology we have developed within our beacons and have ISO-9001-2015 quality certification.

Our lead products are:

  • The TS2300 high visibility (halo) belisha beacon with automatic wireless flash synchronisation and anti-glare control.
  • The TS2506A Solar Powered belisha beacon.
  • The TS2508A Solar Powered refuge beacon.

We were the first company in the UK to develop solar powered belisha and refuge beacons and to date over 2,300 have been sold and customers include Sainsbury’s, Tesco, MOD, Wigan and Bromley Councils.

We invested in the development of a proprietary solar charger with MPPT technology, specially designed for the UK solar conditions. This allows us to obtain at least 40% more power from the solar panel than conventional solar chargers. This enables us to reduce the total beacon weight to less than 6Kg hence increasing safety. Additionally, in the periods of reduced solar irradiance, between November and February, the efficiency is even greater due to the proprietary charge algorithm designed by us.

Phil Mitchell

Managing Director


Jo Aldrich

Office Manager


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