Introducing Tensar Road Technology

Tensar Road Technology brings Joined-Up Thinking to our highways. Incorporating revolutionary stabilisation geogrids and asphalt interlayers, it brings together mechanical stabilisation of pavements and asphalt reinforcement solutions to introduce a whole new way of thinking about road design and repair.

It looks at the bigger picture, takes a longer term view and can optimise performance while reducing both initial and whole-life costs. Also, it has been proven in highways projects across the word.

Rajit Rajaram
– UK Highways Manager

Rajit joined Tensar as Area Engineer in 2003 and was Middle East Regional Director from January 2013 to October 2019. After, he relocated to UK where he is now the UK Highways Manager. His Engineering and MBA background, along with 17 years experience at Tensar is an asset.


Tony Roe
– UK Asphalt Reinforcement Manager

Tony joined Tensar in September 2008 as International Sales Manager covering Africa, Pakistan and India. He graduated from the University of Johannesburg with an NHD in Civil Engineering in 1992. He is a member of the ICE and the UK Chapter of IGS.


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Our Services

Pavement Optimisation
New construction of high performance roads & highways

Tensar’s Pavement Optimisation uses the proven capability of Tensar TriAx® geogrids to create a mechanically stabilised aggregate layer that contributes to, and improves, overall pavement performance.

Suitable for any flexible pavement application, from car parks to highways, Tensar mechanically stabilised layers can increase support to surfacing layers and reduce the rate of structural degradation, increasing pavement life.

Asphalt Reinforcement
Helping You Deliver Increased Value from your Roads Maintenance Budget

Tensar’s solutions comprise a range of interlayer products which have been successfully installed in may countries and in a range of climates. We can offer you solutions to suit the conditions and requirements of your project.

Our Asphalt Reinforcement products have been designed to address both structural and functional pavement performance issues such as fatigue and reflective cracking. Tensar’s reflective cracking solutions address composite pavement point cracks, thermal cracks, block cracks, oxidation and aging cracks, fatigue crack initiation and lane widening roads.