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A sustainable future for Britain’s roads

Operating independently providing services to both Tier 1 Contractors and Local Authorities throughout the UK. SPL are Sector Scheme 13 approved priding itself on delivering excellent customer service, technical expertise with a highly trained workforce.

A proactive business which continually strides to develop the process has invested in state of the art plant and equipment namely the W380CRi, which has key benefits such as a further Carbon Reduction and efficiencies on our current delivery. This will enhance delivery capabilities and broaden the spectrum of where the process can be used on both Local and National Road Networks throughout the UK.
In-situ recycling has long played a vital Asset Management role for highway authorities highlighting the carbon reduction in comparison to conventional methods, which has led to SPL picking up 2 Green Apple awards for “Best Environmental Practice”

With a Design Life of 20 years, high recycled content and low carbon footprint, the treatment provides a cost effective and environmentally sustainable maintenance technique for clients and supported by technical expertise and a culture of innovation, the technique is increasingly employed to overcome challenges ranging from soft ground conditions through to rapid reconstruction.

Gerry Howe               Managing Director

Gerry has 38 years’ experience within the industry, and 12 years at Stabilised Pavements. He is the Head of the Recycling Committee for the Road Surface Treatments Association as well as sitting on the Executive Committee. Gerry is also a valued member of the Institute of Asphalt Technology. The knowledge Gerry has gained over the years has been used to great effect with him assisting in the development of the TRL 386 Report for Recycled Materials, and establishing the CO2 calculator models. He is a member of Steering Committee (CASSST, Greenwich University) writing specifications and guidelines on treating contaminated soils. Gerry has helped set up two Road Recycling Divisions within the UK and Ireland, and was hand selected by the DTI to help gather information on stabilisation and solidification during a mission to the USA. As well as all of these achievements he has written and implemented company Quality Manuals and Management Systems, achieving ISO accreditations for Environmental Management.

Andrew Jones             General Manager

Andy has over 23 year’s management experience following a start with Tarmac as a Commercial Graduate. Moving on with Tarmac as Area Recycling Manager, he created three recycling centres to produce aggregates from construction and demolition waste. During his time with Tarmac he introduced innovative “low carbon” and “recycled” technologies including foamed bitumen course, bitumen emulsion surface course and warm asphalt products. Starting work as Commercial Manager with SPL  Andy now overseas all aspects of the business, utilising his Management skills and invaluable Technical & Environmental expertise to the full.

Jason Twinn          Operations Manager

Starting as a Machine Operator 15 years ago, Jason now manages all Operational aspects. From planning and programming to account settlement, Jason safeguards the SPL delivery. Jason monitors closely all aspects of site work through our QA reporting and client feedback and develops action plans in SPL’s efforts towards continuous improvement. SPL’s emphasis on training is facilitated by Jason who understands first-hand the importance of a trained workforce.

Gary Cork  Technical Co-Ordinator

Formerly an Assistant Contracts Manager with Colas, and BDM for Stabilised Pavements. With a wealth of Highways experience. Gary is now performing the role of Technical Co-ordinator; overseeing the Trialling and Testing of potential sites, reporting findings and providing essential input into the validation, design and delivery of the SPL process.

Justin Osborne Business Development Manager

Former Contracts Manager for a Commercial Paving & Hard Landscaping Contractor. Justin went on to work as a Construction & Project Manager on a number of varied construction projects for a framework provider at Stansted Airport before joining the team 2 years ago. Currently advancing new and existing relationships with local authorities, asset teams, and contractors throughout the UK.


Steve Metcalfe Business Development Manager

Experienced Business Development Professional working within the Highways Sector for 10 years,advancing new and existing relationships with local authorities, asset teams, and contractors throughout the UK, with extensive knowledge of various specialist Surface Treatments.




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