What we do

Established in 1996, SRL Traffic Systems Ltd (SRL) is the UK and Republic of Ireland’s largest manufacturer and supplier of portable and temporary ITS equipment and integrated systems to the traffic management, construction, events and utilities sectors. With more than 200 employees and 150 specialist vehicles, SRL operates from 30+ strategic depots throughout the UK and Ireland to ensure close proximity to all customers.

A mobile ITS one-stop-shop, SRL’s product portfolio includes:
• Portable and temporary traffic and pedestrian signals
• Smart signs (VMS)
• Urban64® intelligent temporary traffic signal solution
• Multiphase Adaptive Detection System (ADS)
• Haul Route Crossing
• UTMC systens for portable and temoprary installations
• Instaboom solar security barrier
• Over-height vehicle detection systems
• Smart Tracker

The majority of SRL products are built using parts manufactured in the UK, and local engineering firms are used in their construction.
Products are available for sale and hire ensuring total and unwavering focus on quality, safety and reliability.
SRL is renowned for its market-leading customer service. It is the UK and Republic of Ireland’s only ITS manufacturer available to customers on-site 24/7, 365 days a
year. Along with hiring traffic equipment, SRL will provide on-site assistance for installations, decommissioning, collections and battery exchanges.

SRL business divisions
Equipment Hire – Rental of temporary traffic signals on ad-hoc or contract term. The specialist hire fleet consists of over 8,000 signals, 1,000 pedestrian posts, 850 trailers, 725 temporary signals and 160 rapid responses, with the fleet growing daily.
Manufacturing / Technical – Sale of temporary traffic signals and parts. This division has the capacity to manufacture over 4,000 signals and supporting
products per annum.
Urban64® – Rental of semi-permanent traffic signals. This division delivers large scale and complex solutions to live sites.
Intelligent Transport Systems – Rental and sale of VMS, CCTV and other products. This division has over 450 VMS and related products available.

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