Sharp Asphalt

Using Mastic Asphalt, Sharp Asphalt have been carrying our repairs to the UK’s Roads working mainly for Local Authorities for 10 years.

We have proven that Mastic Apshalt is the most durable of all repair materials, and we can often guarantee repairs that last in excess of 5+ years. The mastic asphalt that we use is CE Marked and made to British Standards. We can also provide a recycled material that has Carbon Neutral Status.

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The type of repairs that we carry out include

  • Potholes
  • Small Patches
  • Ironwork Re Instatement work (Pacopatch System) with a 5 Year Guarantee
  • Thin Overlay Repairs
  • Joint Repairs

We collaborate with our customers to provide them with repairs that are proven to last a long time, installed in a cost efficient manner