At Safecote we provide innovative winter solutions to our clients enabling them to deliver a more effective, efficient and sustainable service to their public and clients alike. We work with central and local government, as well as the private sector who manage and maintain the highways network of the UK.

Mark has over 30 years experience in winter service. He has enjoyed various administrative roles with ICI Salt, Sales Manager and Business Board positions with Salt Union, a non-executive position at Peacock Salt and for the last 15 years he has been Managing Director at Safecote Limited. Mark has presented at many conferences globally on innovation in the winter service sector. He is a founder member of the National Salt Spreading Research Group (NSSRG), now commonly known as the NWSRG. He is one of only three commercial individuals that are participating members of the Steering Group.

Debbie joined Safecote back in November 2008 and has experienced some of the most severe winters to have hit the UK. Her passion is to give excellent customer service meeting customer requirements and offering useful advice to achieve a robust and cost efficient winter service operation.

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Safecote additive

Safecote is a liquid additive to both solid and liquid chlorides. The technology was first used in 1994 in North America and is fully patented for use in the UK and Europe. It is blended from natural, environmentally friendly ingredients, to a consistent specification. Over 50 councils and maintenance contractors in the UK alone now benefit from this de-icing technology. In addition Safecote is now being added to liquid chlorides in 8 other European Countries to reduce corrosion and extend the life of chlorides on the road surface. Safecote has been fully tested by highly respected laboratories such as the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), Ulster University and Capcis in order to prove its capabilities and application benefits.

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  • Liquid De-icers
  • Solid De-icers
  • Snow Plough Blades
  • Weather Sensors
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  • Salt Saturators
  • Spray Equipement
  • Vehicle tracking & route optimisation