Roadfill limited was set up to tackle two epidemics. Plastic waste and potholes. We have developed a method of recycling plastic waste destined for landfill and turned it into a product that is mixed into a bitumen mix, reducing the need for fossil fuels in repairing and relaying roads. It is both environmentally sound and commercially viable alternative to traditional road surface designs.
Since our conception our R&D innovation is trialling a new product made entirely from a plant based material and an abundant natural mineral which can absorb harmful pollutants from vehicle emissions including the leaching of poisonous pollutants from brake and tyre dust.


Christie Raptaki
Founder & CEO

An experienced construction Project Manager and Civil Engineer with over 11 years of experience within the construction industry.

Christie’s self-starter approach has been a key catalyst for the growth and transformation of Roadfill since founding the company. Heading Roadfill as Managing Director for four years now Christie built Roadfill to be the leading name in Innovative Road Materials, Products and Road surfacing. Started back in 2016 actively working in innovative projects focusing into how to find uses for our excess plastic usage and waste plastic. She continues to pioneer ideas and drive company growth as CEO of Roadfill.

Potholes was the first given solution with Roadfill limited developing one of the first road products to help our road infrastructure by using recycled plastic into a road material.

Kostantinos Tsoutis
R&D Team Leader

By deploying thirty years of experience in Research and Development Kostas is leading researcher engineer and head of our research department. Kostas is supporting our ideas and needs in the research and delivery of value engineered solutions/products for our customers.

Theo Kokai
Administration Manager

By deploying over ten years of experience in construction Theo can support our operation, sales, and commercial teams in the delivery of value environmentally innovative solutions for our customers, as well as having supply chain involvement in service and product development.

His administration skills help on the day to day tasks progression.

Theo’s background started in Architecture and proved himself through the years as an excellent construction manager.

Tony OIkonomou
Marketing & IT Leader

With more than 9 years in search engine marketing and work with international clients Tony is the Marketing and IT leader of the company and the one that keeps up with all the search engine updates and ensures that all the methods are evergreen and second to none.

Jenny Chernisova
Office Assistant

Jenny is our admin and office assistant. She helps with a range of clients from small sole traders to larger limited companies. Keeping herself organized as well as our customers is key to smooth bookkeeping and the office management. Keeping invoices and paperwork organized makes everything easier and more efficient in the long run.

Security Manager

Tequila is the chief of the security department in our company.

Due to her multidimensional personality she became responsible for many things such as:

She is the one to allow or not people to enter, Welcomes and accompanies the visitors on their way out

Responsible for alerting us when the deliveries arrive

Cleaning (She eats whatever falls on the floor)

Create and maintain relationships with our clients and suppliers as she has her own way to do so.

Recycling expert because she always collects the plastic bottles wherever they are.

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