Circular and Rounded Reinstatements for Pothole and Ironworks

Road Mole is an innovative all-in-one system used to permanently repair road defects such as potholes and around ironworks. Our revolutionary patented technology completely removes the damaged surrounding material via precision-cut engineering, providing a clean, circular shape cavity for better compaction of asphalt. Once filled with like for like asphalt from the on board hotbox and rolled, a permanent sustainable reinstatement is completed.

The system has been designed to eliminate some of the major health and safety hazards to operatives – namely hand arm vibration syndrome, flying fragments, dust, noise and musculoskeletal disorder.

Road Mole’s new technology and engineering practices are Covid -19 secure by ensuring close proximity working is no longer required in the process, achieving complete social distancing.

Road Mole reinstatement’s carried out 8 years ago are still sound today.  With a zero failure rate on all circular repairs, we are confident and resolute that our new engineering practices will create immense savings for authorities.

We have developed a close relationship with Highways England and many local authorities, enabling us to collaborate effectively in the provision of reinstatement’s of road defects.


Key Benefits

  • Health & Safety benefits for workforce (HAV’s, MSD, dust, noise, Covid-19 secure)
  • Scientifically proven circular repairs – last 3.5 times longer than conventional methods
  • Significant environmental benefits
  • Fast & efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Monitoring system
  • Depth control to remove all damaged material
  • For use in all weather conditions
  • Operator training
  • Contract hire service

To discover how you can use this exciting new technology and become part of the new engineering practice using Road Mole  please contact our team who are always happy to help.


Road Mole


CSJ Civil & Mechanical Engineering Ltd.

Specialists in Road Mole circular pothole, ironworks & utility repairs.






Doug Jackson

Co-Founder and Director

He is responsible for the design and development of the engineering methodologies. He has over 25 years experience in Engineering and has been recognised by Highways England for his collaborative work to change Clause 946 to allow to circular repairs on the road networks.



Craig Jackson

Co-Founder / Director of Road Mole Ltd and owner of CSJ Civil & Mechanical Engineering Ltd (from which the project has been developed.)

His teams operate the current Road Mole prototype and he also has 25 years experience in the sector.


Linda Jackson

Sales and Research Director

She is responsible for the day to day operation of both CSJ Civil and Mechanical Engineering Ltd and Road Mole and has exceptional planning and strategic skills.


Sharon Jones

Marketing Director and Company Secretary

She is responsible for project planning and strategic growth of the project. She has developed and delivered presentations to prospective interested parties and built the company website.


Graham Jackson

Validation and Calibration Engineer

Exceptional member of the team with over 50 years experience in his field.

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