As a Specialist Highway Maintenance Contractor, we focus on delivering innovative proprietary solutions to local authorities and contractors operating on motorways, highways and airfields across the UK and occasionally beyond.

What we do

As a specialist highway maintenance business, we provide and install specialist products for the highways maintenance market.

Our crews are highly trained, permanent employees who have each received training specific to our specialist product range.

As part of our service to you we have a team of regional managers who are available to discuss with you the best solution for each highway problem and find a solution that suits your budget.

We are Specialists in

Crack Repairs

Recognised as the foremost method of preventing water ingress into a road surface, crack sealing is used as the primary means of sealing the surface thereby preventing future potholes forming in roads. Jointmaster is the leading UK system for repairing those cracks and joints in highways and motorways.

​• BBA HAPAS approved
• Treat all crack types
• Concrete & Asphalt substrates
• 5 Year minimum expected life
• Motorway use M25, M3, M4, A1
• Flexible polymerised bitumen

Ironwork Repairs

Our Ironwork tackles all forms of ironwork failure, it also comes with a 5 year Rhino guarantee. Rhino Ironwork is installed by our own specialist crews, using only the finest high-strength, quick-setting materials and unique compaction-free surface course, which means you can rest assured that the 5 year Rhino guarantee is not offered without good reason.

Five year guaranteed ironwork

  • BBA HAPAS approved
  • No quibble 5 year written guarantee
  • Over 1,000 units installed for Transport for London
  • Over 5,000 units installed nationwide
  • Full reconstruction for guaranteed performance

Masterscreed  Surface Defect Repair

This versatile material is capable of treating many different types of surface defect, labelled below. The material has a thermosetting binder with added aggregates, which is applied to the road surface in a molten state (approximately 180°c). The material then flows and fills the existing voids, binding the surface together and suspending the aggregates to provide a skid resistant surface repair material. Here are some key points:

  • Full contracting service, supply & apply
  • Repairs ravelling, fretting, burn outs & scars
  • Fills and seals the surface
  • Provides a skid resistant running surface
  • Extensive Trunk road and Motorway use M25 A127
  • Durable thin bond repair
  • BBA/HAPAS approved

Pattern Imprinted Synthetic Asphalt

Imprint gives a block paved effect on roads without the associated problems usually experienced by block paving in trafficked environments. When considering traffic calming surfacing, Imprint has a lot of features that make it highly desirable for trafficked environments. A 15mm thick synthetic asphalt overlay, it can be “imprinted” with a pattern designed to give a block paving type finish, but with the performance characteristics of a good quality HRA.

  • Traffic calming, features & enhancements
  • 15mm thick synthetic asphalt overlay
  • Full depth colour
  • Imprint a variety of patterns
  • Performs as well as HRA

Concrete Rehabilitation

It used to be common practice to overlay concrete estate roads with Microasphalt and other bituminous surfacing products.

Years later, this solution has left authorities with two problems:

  1. Firstly, the aesthetics of the now, patchy finish with open joints and the regular occurrence of worn-off areas of blacktop exposing concrete patches.
  2. Secondly, the high cost of the ongoing maintenance liability in keeping the highway free of potholes, trip hazards and maintaining a safe running surface in a residential environment.

The solution to expose the original concrete carriageway by planing off the layers of surfacing and providing a fine texture and then using a combination of specialist products, to repair the damaged surface, provides a safe low maintenance surface for years to come.


Sealing highway and footway surfaces, protecting them against the ingress of water and the detrimental effects of freeze thaw.

Rhino slurry sealing is a cold-mix, bitumen emulsion overlay for repairing and sealing highway and footway surfaces. A cost-effective method of restoring the surface finish with texture and sealing which will slow down deterioration and thereby extend the service life of the surface.

A quick and easy solution for many road and footway maintenance problems. Rhino slurry uses a blend of aggregate, bitumen emulsions and latex to provide a slurry seal for

hand lay, suitable for awkward places to reach.

Bridges and Structures

At Rhino we don’t just fix the roads we fix the bridges. Rhino offer joint fixing on the road surface, plug joint re-topping and footbridge resurfacing. All specially contracted to suit the structure of the bridge.

  • UK highways approved
  • Polymer modified bitumen binder blended with single sized aggregate
  • Installed by our own crews
  • Watertight seal prevents ingress of water and salts
  • Quick to install during overnight lane closures to minimise disruption
  • Smooth riding surface
  • Topping replacement service available when resurfacing
  • Can be installed in part widths, minimising disruption to one lane at a time

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