Revolutionary thermal road repair system

What we do

Established in 1980 nu-phalt contracting has significant experience in delivering street scene and facilities management services to both public and private sector organisations through its growing portfolio of conventional and innovative highway maintenance services and solutions.

Our civil engineering division employs highly skilled engineering, technical and operational staff who are experienced in the delivery of a diverse range of civil engineering services.

Our Services

Spray-injection patching. The affected area is cleaned and prepared, sealed, filled and cured in one smooth operation. Semi-permanent repairs are made with bitumen emulsion, lasting as long as repairs using hot rolled asphalt. Emulsion is safe and won’t harm the environment.

An environmentally friendly, porous surfacing material with a difference. It blends recycled rubber with aggregate and is bound together with a polyurethane binder.

Nu-phalt thermal road repair system
Developed by our team as an alternative to traditional road and pothole repair methods, which are costly, noisy, and create waste and dust. The thermal heater produces a permanent, heat-sealed, seamless repair to re-establish the original integrity of the road, and only a minimum of new material is needed.

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