Operating since 1970, Miles Macadam has gained an enviable reputation as a market leader in the manufacture and installation of Grouted Macadam systems.

What we do

Our certified products, Hardicrete™, Hardipave™ and Milepave™ are specified for construction and engineering projects throughout the UK. This heritage has enabled us to expand into a business delivering integrated civil engineering and construction services across all work sectors.

Our management and operations team has extensive experience and knowledge of working in both the public and private sectors. This understanding has enabled us to develop strong relationships with our customers, working in partnership and ensuring projects are delivered to our exacting standards, safely, on time and within budget.

Our Services

Hardicrete™ is certified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) as a surface course to withstand intense traffic loadings and fuel/leachate contamination.

As an advanced reinforced surfacing material, it acts as a hybrid between asphalt and concrete, combining high strength with flexibility. It consists of a 40mm depth open graded receiving course with a controlled void content filled with a resin cementitious grout.  All installations are carried out by Miles Macadam’s own skilled workforce.

The unique process creates a high strength jointless surface enabling maintenance and new build projects to be completed with minimal downtime. Hardicrete™ is routinely specified where a resistance to fuels and chemicals, or a high tolerance to deformation and abrasion is required.

Hardipave™ is a BBA / HAPAS certificated product and therefore approved for use in highway works. Similar to Hardicrete™ it is a Grouted Macadam surface course designed to withstand concentrated traffic volume, loadings and fuel / leachate contamination.

With enhanced curing, Hardipave™ allows fast track installation and maintenance to be carried out on industrial and public sites with minimal inconvenience. It is used successfully both in heavy industrial environments such as waste and distribution sites, and on the highway network for high stress junctions, roundabouts, bus lanes and off-line bus stops.

Milepave™ is a BBA / HAPAS certified Asphalt Grouted surface course. The material is ideally suited to the resurfacing of flexible highways, but also used extensively for overlaying concrete carriageways. Milepave™ is not only a durable surface course but provides a complete barrier to water ingress and the deteriorating effects of sub base erosion.

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