Founded in February 1994, Meon began as an import export agency. With our roots shaped by traditional family values, we evolved by developing a close relationship providing solutions for line marking, surface repair, decorative resin and aerosol markers to the sectors we serve across the UK & Ireland.

Our purpose and contribution to society is simple – to ‘Deliver Great Surfaces’.

We do this by being passionate about improved line marking and surface repair solutions, backed up by world class support. As a totally independent company, our customer centric approach works back from the challenge facing the asset owner, specifier or applicator.
Over 25 years of experience and listening have become embedded in our values of Resource, Action, Passion and Trust, the central core of our professional foundation.

Gary Spencer

Managing Director


Coming from a sales and marketing background, my interest over the years has developed into a strategic overview of all business processes and planning. Nothing is more exciting than to execute a plan that sees good company growth, in particular adding to overall net worth and goodwill.

Transportation has always fascinated me and I’ve been fortunate enough to work most of my life in related industries to develop products, engineer solutions and provide support.


Bert Spencer

Sales Manager


My objective is to get Meon recognised as a key supplier in every sector we target.

My contribution to Meon is…

To create an electric team of self-motivated salespersons that will provide the backbone for the company to ‘scale the heights’. The team will grow focused to smash targets daily and radiate our legendary company values in every business relation; we will attract business and future employees.


Graham Spencer

General Managing Director for Ireland


I currently manage the Meon team in Ireland which works closely with the UK branch. My role is to co-ordinate, manage and lead a sales team selling the Meon brand of ‘delivering great surfaces’ in Ireland

Striving every day to bring this purpose to pass through our mission; To deliver world-class solutions for asset managers of Transportation Infrastructure, I communicate our solutions and products to the various markets and industries we bring value to, including:
Public Authorities for Roads, Urban Regeneration, Public Realm and Utility Infrastructure
Airports, Docks and Rail Infrastructure
Facility Maintenance for Warehousing, Distribution and Retail


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Our Services


Meon offer a wide range of lining and marking paint. These cater many industries and thanks to our wide range of quality solutions mean that all surfaces can be beautiful and functional. Spectrum’s range of line marking paints are designed to a very high standard, ensuring they meet their durability needs, whilst staying bright and crisp.


Crack repair systems from Meon are a fast and easy solution to repair cracks and broken asphalt. A majority of our products have a natural skid resistance and is particularly cost effective as no hot works are required. A carefully selected range of options for permanent crack and asphalt repair. A solution for every surface and every budget.


Every project that specifies a resin surface starts with a vision.

Our unique and custom blends of natural aggregates will bring any architects, specifiers or property owners’ vision to life.