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We are passionate about providing the most accurate and user-friendly asset management solutions on the market coupled with in-house IoT solutions. Our clients are able to manage their highway assets in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We provide one system for every asset, creating a centralised hub to access any asset data required. Our system includes bespoke iOS and Android mobile collection solutions and IoT sensor integration, combined with a dashboard where you can get any dataset in two clicks or less.

Roberto Bello

Joint Managing Director

Ashley Rymer

Joint Managing Director

Josh Harris

GIS Manager

Jamie Hollis

GIS Consultant

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Featured Products

  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Inspection Dashboards
  • Asset Dashboards
  • Map Views
  • Risk Level Dashboards
  • Bespoke Mapping Solutions
  • IoT Sensors

Mobile Data Collection

Our innovative new way of collecting data, allows a one-time setup that enables constant working, without the need for creating separate work packages. We provide the latest iPads or Android devices, including a rugged battery pack to keep teams working throughout the day. To increase locational accuracy, we can also integrate our devices with high accuracy GNSS receivers.


Inspection Dashboards

Our inspection dashboards are designed around the user. We take the hassle out of reporting. Follow current contractual performance – live from data collected on the ground immediately. Monitor KPI’s and programme targets without any manual intervention.


IoT Sensors – Gullys

map16 have designed a complete end to end gully sensor solution. Sensor data can be monitored live through our dashboards. Using machine learnings, our sensors are able to provide live flood risk warning for every asset. The data collated allows for sensor-based cleansing regimes to be designed, ultimately providing cost savings.