The KaarbonTech Approach To Asset Management

What we do

Ever sat through slick presentations of asset management software? Been wowed by glossy dashboards and the promise of seamless integration? Did you buy the system only to find that just part of the story was true?

This is why we created KaarbonTech.

Today we support highway maintenance teams in councils, authorities and tier 1 contractors. We help over 40% of UK authorities define and manage their risk on a day-to-day basis. Put simply, we deliver.

Our Asset Management software and complementary services have been built from the ground-up, because we’ve done the job ourselves, and understand every step of the process.

Today we provide systems for managing:

Grit Bins
Grass Cutting
We also have many years of experience providing surveys to meet our customers requirements. Finally, we supply the latest IoT sensors and can integrate these within our solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

Our Services

Drainage, Tree and Grit Bin Surveying
Our survey teams offer market leading productivity ensuring swift results for small or large surveys.

IoT Sensor Consultancy
Innovative sensors that can be deployed in gullies, culverts, grit bins, roads, etc. Provides realtime monitoring that can be integrated with KaarbonTech’s SMART solutions.

Consultancy Services
KaarbonTech work with over 60 local authorities so we understand the problems that can be encountered. Check out our “Problems You Have” pages to assess the level of our understanding. Click HERE to view our problem page on “Understanding Risk”.
Our Products
Gully SMART – Gully and Drainage Software
Grit SMART – Grit Bin Management
Tree SMART – Tree Management
Grass SMART – Grass Cutting Management
Public Reporting Software
IoT Sensors
One System For All – Our ESRI Solutions

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