Roocroft Road Restraints Systems, leading VRS Specialist's.

What we do

Our work is specialised and diverse. We erect and repair Vehicle Road Restraint Systems (VRS) in Steel and Concrete. We also erect Concrete Slip Formed Barriers and Drainage Channels and Kerbs, on Trunk Roads, Local Authority Roads and Motorways, helping to keep people safe and working in Partnership with Highways England and Local Councils and of course working collaboratively with other suppliers.
We only use materials from sustainable sources. All our Soil, Hardcore and Steel is recycled to help the environment fight against climate change. Our Depot is self sufficient in Electricity from Solar Panels attached to the roof and we actually sell our surplus Green Electricity back to the grid.
Our Organisation is always looking at new ways to put our customers needs first and foremost and to be more efficient in the time it takes us to do the job, getting it right first time.

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