Hyperion Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd

Our specialist team of consultants has many years’ experience in providing asset management support to a wide range of organisations responsible for managing highway assets, including numerous local authorities. This allows us to develop practical, bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs of individual organisations, whilst also drawing on industry best practice.

What we do

Whether it is developing and implementing asset management policies and strategies, lifecycle plans and maintenance solutions, or ensuring organisations get value from innovation, everything we do is practical and customer orientated. Our approach is to build relationships and understand the needs, drivers and challenges of our customers so that we are able to develop tailored solutions that can be readily implemented, and that deliver value over the long term.

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Our Services

Asset management consultancy
Development and implementation of asset management policies, strategies and lifecycle plans, including stakeholder communication and process design.

Skid policy
Review of local authority skid policy to ensure that it is appropriate for the network and assess the potential for adoption of more cost effective and/or sustainable treatment options.

DfT incentive funding
Carry out an independent assessment of authorities’ asset management practices against the DfT Incentive Funding self-assessment criteria, including development of a detailed action plan, ahead of any formal audits.

Innovation management
Assistance in the successful management and implementation of innovation within local authorities to ensure that they deliver value and support the wider needs of the organisation over the long term.