With a heritage in road maintenance and surface dressing that dates back more than a century, we help public sector and private company clients save money, reduce maintenance requirements and manage health and safety risk.

What we do

Our innovative pothole prevention technology has been proven to assess the risk of potholes in roads and deliver targeted, effective treatment that seals cracks and fissures to stop potholes from forming.

Using advanced in-cab computerised technology, our system enables our trained in-house operatives to visualise the road surface, identify areas at risk and apply a tailored and targeted combination of binder and dressing to protect the road surface from pothole formation. Our system is more cost-effective and less disruptive than repeated patch repairs, with lower labour and plant requirements and shorter work programmes. With potholes now becoming a major cause of public dissent and insurance claims, our approach provides a long-term solution that minimises risk and maximises the service life of roads, enabling a planned approach to road maintenance.

For roads that are already too compromised for treatment, we also offer SAMI, a system designed to provide a protective barrier between the swept road surface and the new surface dressing. Proven and widely-used in the USA and Australia, this approach provides a cost-effective, practical and durable alternative to costly pre-patching, crack repairs and full overlays.

Henry Williams & Sons is pioneering both these technologies in the UK as part of our continuing commitment to providing excellent service levels and ground-breaking innovation for the road maintenance sector. In addition to surface dressing, our portfolio of services also includes:

Surface Dressing
Bond Coating
Civil Engineering
Carriageway Recycling
NRWSA and Section 28 works

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